Fashion is not a statement; it's a lifestyle

Slate’s ranges consist of high fashion catwalk inspired garments from New York, Paris, London and Milan.

Weeks of trend research are put into effect when garments are hand-selected and exclusively imported keeping the South African style in mind and making it easily adaptable to the Slate woman’s wardrobe.

We firmly believe that clothing is more than just an ensemble we put on; it is a profound expression of our inner selves, our ever-shifting emotions, and a unique language that speaks volumes on its own. Our seasonal collections are a reflection of the contemporary fashion landscape, infused with a touch of our signature eclectic charm.

From intricately hand-beaded knits to daringly funky trousers and an array of elegantly delicate tops, our pret-a-porter range embodies the essence of modern elegance. Not to mention our exclusive one-off beaded silk cocktail wear that exudes unparalleled sophistication and grace!

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